Sep 17, 2017

Sofia Vergara's Husband Plays Dungeons & Dragons

Hello folks, it's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd come back with this little tid bit. Sofia Vergara Says Husband Joe Manganiello Is a ‘Nerd’ Who Plays Dungeons & Dragons.

This article is a fun little read. And did you ever think D&D would become this mainstream?


  1. Back in the '80 when D&D was at the height of its popularity, you could walk into any mall or Toys R Us and buy everything you need to play the game. There was T.V. movie in prime time warning of the "dangers" of playing D&D and there was a Saturday Morning Cartoon. That may be as mainstream as D&D is ever going to get.

    As for Sophia Vergara, I would have been more impressed if she said, "My husband's really cool. He plays Dungeons & Dragons." rather than my husband's a nerd *pajorative*. If she had said that she occasionally sat down with his friends and rolled the dice rather than "made snacks" like it was no big deal that would have been a good arguement that D&D was now mainstream. When models and actress actually admit to playing D&D like it's no big deal, then I would say D&D is mainstream. We aren't quite there yet.

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  3. Oh, I'm sure Sofia's tossed a couple of Joe's dice. Ahem. ;-)