Aug 12, 2017

3-volume Rules Cyclopedia

Dungeons & Dragons 3-volume Rules Cyclopedia. Japan. Mediaworks, TSR Inc.

In 1991 TSR published in Japan a chunky 3-volume Rules Cyclopedia set. Looking at these photos it makes me a little jealous that they weren't published in English too.

Look at how lavishly illustrated, many in full color no less, these books are a real treasure.

For just $425 on this eBay auction you can get your very own set!


  1. Oh gosh, I've been wanting one of these sets since about 1997 when I first saw them. I don't want one quite enough to spend $425 on it though!

  2. wow

    delicious in the dungeon comic probably inspired by this

    1. Yeah, so would I. A physical copy would be fun, but not $425 worth of fun. Not with the PITA of unknown small-font kanji used in game-specific ways to decipher.

  3. I get a very heavy Dragon Quest vibe out of these pictures, its amazing what art direction can do to a game