Jan 10, 2016

Warriors of the Red Planet - O Edition countdown

Closing in on the final details in order to get the new edition of WotRP fit for publication. I had 2 illustrations to complete: 1 for ship battles and 1 for races.
I spent a little time this week working on the ship battles, and ended up with a few pages of drawings. So this will fill in the aerial combat section a bit. All that will be left is the illustration for races. Though I have been thinking the map section could use a classic cross section showing the martian underworld, which would take me another day or two to complete.
Taking these things into account I'm hoping to wrap all this up this week and then put it up on DriveThruRPG available for print, and for the first time in PDF.

By the way I've taken to calling this the "O" edition, where the O stands for original, a reference to how it is laid out in classic "original edition" white box set style.