Jan 18, 2016

Warriors of the Red Planet available

I spent the better part of my weekend trying to figure out the DriveThruRPG interface. I managed to upload the file and submit it for review. But the whole process was a bit obtuse. Only slightly better was uploading it to Lulu, but that might be because I'm more familiar with using that service. Last I heard from DriveThruRPG is they are reviewing the file. While Lulu appears to have it available in print and PDF versions now.

I'm including the links for those of you eagerly awaiting this version of Warriors of the Red Planet, but for those who prefer DriveThruRPG and want to have it as a part of your library there I'm still waiting for final confirmation.

At any rate it is available now!

Print version

PDF version

Also, apparently Lulu provides ePub for Kindle, iBooks, etc. I'm still working on an ePub version and it should go out this week.