Sep 15, 2009

Best and Worst of TSR

I disagree with some of the choices, but Teague Bohlen posted an interesting best/worst list on his rather enjoyable Topless Robot blog.

Inevitably Indiana Jones is on the worst of list. My high school gaming group and I must be the only people who enjoyed this game. When we got the Judges Pack accessory and were able to roll up our own characters we had a blast. The system was light, fast, and captured the movies effectively enough. The modules were particularly well done.

TSR 10 Best, 6 Worst

I'd never put Boot Hill on any best of list.


  1. Have you ever played Boot Hill? Personally, I find it fun as hell and a great example of streamlined economy o design.

    On the other hand, I too would give Indiana Jones the thumbs down (I bought it a couple-four years back and returned it to the store the same day), so you and I may simply have different tastes in RPGs.
    ; )

  2. My taste in rpg's does not typically align with the herd.

  3. I am SOOOO a part of herds! That must be why I like Boot Hill!
    ; )

  4. Heh, I was refering to the Indiana Jones RPG.

  5. Thanks for the link...always interesting to see who picks these articles up.

    Yeah, I enjoyed Indiana Jones too, and the modules were huge fun just to read. We played it a few times, but my group decided that we could run very much the same sort of thing using the Gangbuster rules, and it'd be more fun besides. We liked Boot Hill, too, despite (because of?) the death rate. To each their own, though, for sure!

    Thanks again!

  6. Gamma World. Awesome.
    Top Secret. Awesome.
    Dungeon! Awesome.
    Minigames. Meh, I preferred the Metagaming efforts.
    Boot Hill. Awesome.

    Back in the day, there were too many good games, and not enough days to play them all in.