Jul 27, 2009

Mouse Guard the RPG

I just got back from Comic Con, what a great show! This is the first year since the 90's I have gone not to work an artist's table, but as just a fan enjoying the show. I forgot that the convention is actually fun, not just work. I saw so many great things, but there was one in particular that really inspired me:

David Petersen's Mouse Guard.

Mouse Guard is a sort of medieval Secret of Nimh (one of the best 2d animations ever btw), where the courageous Mouse Guard protects the trade routes between the mouse cities in a dangerous world where everything is larger than them and wants to eat them. It is a tale of bravery and character and of loyalty and treachery - all the stuff that happens to make for a great role playing game. I consumed the entire first collected series while on the plane back from San Diego and am hungry for more. If you like good graphic novels, heck if you just like good stories, get Mouse Guard!

While this blog is an old-school RPG fan blog, allow me to indulge in the part of me that still geeks out on new, exciting role playing games - especially of the independent flavor. I have long been impressed with Luke Crane's Burning Wheel RPG system and in particular its adaptation to Christopher Moeller's Iron Empires universe in the inspiring (and dense) Burning Empires RPG.

Luke Crane has taken his keen writing and game designer's sensibilities and applied them to the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, co-written and illustrated by David Petersen. It is really a gorgeous book. The writing is sharp and it looks really fun. I hope to get a chance to play it soon.

Yeah, I have a thing for artist-driven RPG's.


  1. I know what you mean, man. I AM an aficionado of indie-games, but I haven't yet found a reason to purchase Burning Wheel. However, Mouse Guard is good enough and cool enough that I very nearly picked it up.

    Unfortunately, it took me a couple days to pull the trigger on the purchase and it was sold before I got back to the store. My game shop has yet to re-stock it.
    : (

  2. I love the Burning Wheel system - it is the greatest game I will never play. I think Mouse Guard was great too, and the book is just beautiful to look at.