Apr 18, 2009


Dungeoneer fan Tyler Dion asks when Tomb of the Lich Lord will be reprinted? Good question Tyler!

Currently there are 3 sets out of print:
Tomb of the Lich Lord
Haunted Woods of Malthorin
Den of the Wererats

We prepped the art for the press (there was minor errata on a couple cards) and were ready to go, when we discovered a sudden, and HUGE, spike in the printing costs. We didn't want to raise the retail price, but we couldn't print them at a loss either.

To put the problem in context, the larger your print run, the lower your costs can be. Large games like Magic: the Gathering can absorb the printing cost increase, but our print runs are closer to 5-10 thousand. And a reprint just doesn't sell as much as a new game, generally.

The options left are to wait until there are enough pre-orders and to hope the cost spike is only a bubble that will come back down. Or, raise the retail price. We're still deliberating.

In the meantime I've made copies I own available for sale on eBay. To make it worth the time and effort, I've had to add incentives: an original sketch and signed print.

Also, the Dungeoneer RPG will have some of the cards from those sets, when it is completed and hopefully printed later this year.


  1. Is there any kind of update on how the Dungeoneer RPG is coming? I'm looking forward to it with bated breath!

  2. Wow, ask and ye shall receive an answer. Thanks for the update, Thomas!

  3. jesse: I'm working on it right now! It has been a tough nut to crack. I do hope it's worth the wait and doesn't disappoint.

    tyler: sorry for taking so long to respond, Michelle had told me people were asking, then this morning I saw your post on Boardgamegeek.

  4. I don't think you could really disappoint me. I'm a voracious table-top-o-phile and I love to see new systems and look at the ideas presented therein. I've had a lot of fun with the XCG, but I'm more of a DM man myself, so the RPG sounded fairly awesome. I just hope it's not going to go in my bin of "Oh, it's in Development Hell and I'll never actually see it" stuff.

    This includes cars that run on compressed air. I can wait a long time. ^_^

  5. Forgive me if I've missed something, but what will the Dungeoneer RPG be like? How does it differ from conventional Dungeoneer or, for that matter, conventional RPGs? I take it there's a traditional Dungeon Master... is there also less competition among the heroes? Are quests handled differently?

  6. So where can we do preorders for Haunted Woods of Malthorin and
    Den of the Wererats? You say that costs come down when you have enough orders, but then you don't say where people can preorder them. Thanks!

  7. I would also be interested in a reprinting. I don't see any place to pre-order. I appreciate the signed art option on eBay but the reprinted game even with additional costs surely can't be more than a 100% increase which would still only be $40. I think there is interest and especially in between the original $20 and the eBay $50.