Apr 12, 2009

Dungeoneer Rules Numbered

I've been told time and again how great and fun Dungeoneer is and how not-so-great the rules are...the rules have been rewritten a few times, and improved upon, and expanded as the game has grown, but it has always been tough to write the perfect rules set.

Boardgamegeek.com user Dane Barrett has posted his version of the Dungeoneer rules, where he divided up all the rules, reorganized them a bit, and numbered them. The result is an incredibly handy version of the rules where every rule can be quickly found and more easily understood!

Is Boardgamegeek.com the best site on the interwebs? Quite possibly.


  1. Those are an excellent rewrite of the rules! There are some things that I was wondering about that I found out much easier from reading those rules than searching the real ones. Thanks for posting them here!

  2. I printed out these rules and will use them for the first time this Thursday with a friend. We'll see how it goes because we're both new to the game (I've only browsed the rules/cards but it looks fun).