Jul 15, 2007

Dungeoneer: Polish Editions

One of the greatest pleasures has been seeing Dungeoneer published in various languages. So far we have French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Polish. I recently toured Rome and was surprised to find a game store right across the street from our hotel! It was exciting to see that they stocked the Italian version of Dungeoneer - they even had the Italian Vault of the Fiends which I had not received a copy of yet from the publisher, so of course I bought one. :)

However, I must say that the Polish editions are far and away the highest production values of all editions, even beating our own American edition! The box is sturdy, full of all the components needed to play (including hero stands!) and it is a very nice size. The printing itself is very true to the actual art as I illustrated it (most non-Polish editions have come out too dark, losing much of the detail). I don't know how to get a hold of copies here in America, but they would be well worth getting just for the components to use for playing the American sets with. If anyone knows how to get copies please let me know. :)

Tomb of the Lich Lord

Vault of the Fiends

Dragons of the Forsaken Desert

Haunted Woods of Malthorin (combined with Den of the Wererats)

And Realm of the Ice Witch is currently in production.
Polish Publisher: Galakta

(Images gathered from Boardgamegeek.com posted by Łukasz Czajka (thanks Łukasz!!!)


  1. He, I came from Poland, and I have to say, that dungeoneer becoming more and more popular here. Beside maybe Runebound and some local product dungeoneer is the top of this type of games. To be honest it is my favorite board game and I even introduced some friends to it.
    The worst thing is that, always when You publish new dungeoneer’s product we have to wait almost a year when it will be located here. But I’ am patient and I calmly waiting for
    Tomb of the Lich Lord :)

  2. ;) I'm from Poland too. I play first time yesterday(my firend have Tomb of the Lich Lord and Dragons of the Forsaken Desert). And now I buy Vault of the Fiends and Haunted Woods of Malthorin. Game is very cool :D and We have fun. tnx!!

  3. Hello, im from Poland too. Great game, but the rules are sometimes not clear :)

    i dont play board games very often, but dungoeneer take me back to the times when i play polish editions of talisman about 15 years ago :)

  4. are there plans to having an upgrade pack for components of the game? i mean if polish editions got to have characters stands and dices and markers. could be added to the rpg release for use on both rpg and normal sets. that's just one sheet for all chars in all sets then probably gaming stones and 6 dices. $15?