Oct 30, 2023

Happy Halloween

 Found this image online, don't know who the artist is or I'd give them credit. But this is kind of awesome. I wrote up a fitting description designed for B/X or BECMI.

Pumpkin Beholder

HD (Hit Dice): 11 
HP (Hit Points ):75
AC (Armor Class): 2
Move: 9" (levitate up to 10 feet off the ground)
Attacks: 1 bite + 10 eye rays
Damage: 1d6 (bite)
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: Magic-User 11
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: H
Alignment: Chaotic

Special Attacks & Defenses:

Bite: The Pumpkin Beholder can attempt to bite a nearby opponent with its jagged toothed mouth, dealing 1d6 damage.

Eye Stalks: Each of the ten smaller squash eyes can shoot a different magical ray once per round. These rays function similarly to the traditional Beholder's eye stalks, but with a thematic twist appropriate for its pumpkin nature:

  • Withering Ray: Target must save vs. Spells or age rapidly, losing 1d6 strength points temporarily.
  • Fire Ray: Shoots a flame, igniting a target for 1d8 fire damage.
  • Petrification Ray: Turns the target into a pumpkin statue unless they save vs. Petrification.
  • Sleep Ray: Puts the target into a deep slumber unless they save vs. Spells.
  • Fear Ray: Causes the target to flee in terror for 1d4 rounds unless they save vs. Spells.
  • Charm Ray: Bewitches the target to view the Beholder as a friendly ally unless they save vs. Spells.
  • Slowing Ray: Reduces the target's speed by half for 1d6 rounds.
  • Paralysis Ray: Paralyzes the target for 1d4 rounds unless they save vs. Paralysis.
  • Anti-Magic Ray: Creates an anti-magic cone in front of the eye, nullifying all magic in its path.
  • Confusion Ray: Disorients the target, causing them to act unpredictably unless they save vs. Spells.
  • Central Eye: The large central eye emits a continuous anti-magic cone in a 60-foot range in the direction it's facing, nullifying all magic within its gaze.


The Pumpkin Beholder is an aberration formed when malevolent magic fuses with the essence of Halloween. This creature is made entirely of an animated pumpkin, carved with a sinister, glowing face. The central eye casts an eerie orange light in its vicinity, while the ten smaller stalks, each bearing a squash, radiate out from its body, swaying with malevolent intent. The smell of burning candles and rotting vegetable matter accompanies its presence.

Habitat & Society:

Pumpkin Beholders are rare and are often associated with places of dark magic or cursed lands, especially those linked to the spirit of Halloween. They might be found guarding ancient Halloween relics or terrorizing villages that have forgotten the old ways of All Hallows' Eve.


These creatures do not eat or drink in the traditional sense. Instead, they draw sustenance from the fear and magic of the lands they inhabit. If a Pumpkin Beholder is slain, its body decomposes rapidly, leaving behind seeds that, if planted, can grow into regular pumpkins. However, legends say that on the night of Halloween, these pumpkins can come to life, hinting at the possible return of the Pumpkin Beholder.

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