Mar 5, 2020

Abandoned Glacial Rift of Blurut of the Crepuscular Claw FINALLY

I wrote Adventure Bot over a year ago. It is a Twitter bot that randomly generates a name for an adventure and posts it once per hour. It has come up with some colorful and interesting adventure ideas. There are some real gems in there like:

Scourge of the Castle of Rotar the Enchanted Lamia 
Unhallowed Church of Agit and the Timeless Lich 
Sunless Abyss of Zex the Maleficent Prophet 

It is a pretty fun little bot to see the results from. I've made Bookmark Adventures of some of them in the past, and plan to do a lot more in the coming months.

The first adventure I was going to develop had the mouthful of a name: Abandoned Glacial Rift of Blurut of the Crepuscular Claw. This adventure has been in writing and development hell for over a year, slowly being picked on and added to. The scope of it kept blowing up into something huge, it took some discipline to focus on a manageable size so that it could actually get published. Finally, with the help of David Pulver doing some last minute editing work, the adventure is available.

It has a bonus section that includes Paper Figures to be used in the adventure.

If you like it let me know, and I'll make more adventures like this.

Available here on Drive-Thru. Patrons get a free copy.

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