Jun 25, 2019

Vision Map 2019

A while back I posted a Vision Map of OSR projects I'm working on. My original goal was to finish them in 2018, but that was a bit ambitious. Here it is halfway through 2019 and how are these projects coming along?
I went through the various documents and artwork to see where things are at. I have a terrible habit, instead of working serial: one project at a time until completion, I tend to work parallel: jumping from project to project as whim and inspiration comes along. So here is a visualization of where these parallel projects are at. The good news is two of them have been completed! Beasties II and Knight Hawks.

If you are interested in any of these and want to see their development, and even help in playtests and early previews you can sign up for my Patreon and get access, along with other rewards. Patreon.com/ThomasDenmark

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