Jun 21, 2016

Early D&D Was Rubbish

Early D&D was garbage, it was just a terrible game with too many rules. Runequest is so superior. According to this reviewer:


(I do agree with his analysis of 4th edition)

Update: I probably shouldn't have just posted this without any context or real commentary. Out of context, or with hindsight, early D&D's shortcomings are fairly easy to see and complain about. But, it was the first of its kind and forging new territory. It was such an innovative idea and full of so much potential no one could have imagined where it would all head. Since then the core ideas of D&D have fueled tabletop games, video games, and even collectable card games owe a great debt. I remember when the ideas of "class" and "level" were starting to seem quaint next to the newer generation of RPG's that had skills and more wide open character creation rules. Well, we've seen where all that has gone. Video games use classes and levels because it is a superior game mechanic. Runequest is a fine game for its day, but in the big picture really hasn't moved the needle much in terms of popular culture the way D&D did and continues to.


  1. This guy might have been funny if I hadn't had a crappy day.

  2. I was always enamored of the concept of Runequest but found the 2 hour combats tedious, 15 minutes of combat and back to roleplaying with AD&D was much better. Having stronger monsters like Runequest is also nice in the abstract, but when one of them criticals you favorite character it's no longer fun.