Mar 3, 2016

Beasties preview - Bonecreeper

I'd set a self imposed deadline of today for Beasties to be complete. While it is very nearly done, I'm not sure all the i's will be dotted or t's crossed in time. I like to order books 2 weeks in advance for a convention, and Silicon Valley Comic Con is coming up quickly. I wanted to have Beasties available at my table there. It will be a late night trying to finish this.

On the other hand it does look like my Sketchbook 2016 will be done in time, though the special "Gamer Edition" with stats will take a while longer.

In todays preview is an extraordinarily creepy monster, another one written by Terry Olson, the Bonecreeper is based on a drawing I did sometime back. An early version was posted on this blog back in April of last year. Here is how it will appear in print.

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