Dec 8, 2015

Princesses, princesses, and more princesses

Warriors of the Red Planet beta was pretty complete and only really needed more art and a better map. Yeah, some editing and more playtesting is always a good thing, and its gotten that. But it was crying out for more princesses! Not of the fairy tale kind, but Space Princesses of course!
These princesses will carry a blaster into battle with you, help rally a nation against the green hordes, and inspire warriors like John Carter to the ends of Barsoom and back in search of her. So I've been drawing lots of princesses to fill the book with, and here is a small sampling of some of the daring ladies. Not all of them are nice, some will just as soon gut you with their blade or poison you in the dark. Some of them may not even be princesses at all, but are just wearing an illusion to lure you to your doom!