Nov 16, 2015


For Warriors of the Red Planet, here is a new drawing of a Caldane and its steed. And the write up of their stats.

AC: 8 [12]
HD: 2+2
Atk: 2 pincers
Dmg: 1d2 each
Save: M3
Move: 60’
Unmounted, Caldanes resemble fleshy, goggle-eyed heads that run about on scrabbling crablegs and waving claws. Typically, however, they are mounted on a Caldane Steed (see below), and their statistics will not come into play unless the steed is killed or the Caldane intentionally leaves the creature. Caldanes consider themselves to be the apex of evolution, are fixated on the preeminence of logic, and can fix their gaze upon an intelligent being, controlling it if a save (at +2) is failed.

Caldane Steed
AC: 7 [13]
HD: 3
Atk: 2 fists or 1 weapon
Dmg: 1d3 each or as weapon
Save: F2
Move: 120’

Caldane Steeds look like muscular, headless humans, and are controlled through direct spinal contact with a Caldane rider.

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  1. Wasn't this guy in love with Wilma Dearing in the Buck Rogers TV show? :-)