Aug 4, 2015

Guardians Preview - Issues

It can't be all fun and games and cool super powers. What would a super hero be without some serious issues in life to deal with? Also, Issues help to balance out characters a bit. The goal here was not to do a comprehensive "disadvantages" system like in games like GURPS. This is in keeping with the spirit of the original edition with a succinct yet satisfying list of negatives that work against the character.

Heroes may suffer from various mundane but troubling issues that confound their existence as much or more than their super powers. Should a character be able to overcome a limit in play the Referee may allow this as a reward for their cleverness, or alternatively eventually replace it with another issue (if overcoming it was too easy). Assign the specified number from the Origins Table. Pick issues or roll d12 on the table below in the correct column to determine the issue. Mutants always take Bad Press as their first issue.

1. Bad Press
2. Dependency
3. Disability
4-5. Enemy
6 Duty
7. Kid
8. Loved One
9. Old
10. Phobia
11. Scarred (Enemy if already Inhuman)
12. Wanted

Example Issue:
Bad Press: One or more major media outlets are on a crusade to destroy the character’s reputation with the public. A hero will have to work extra hard to avoid being smeared a villain, and a villain either is mocked and belittled, or alternatively finds the media urging the authorities and heroes to make their apprehension priority number one.

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