Feb 11, 2012

When The Concept Mattered More Then The Rendering

This isn't an exotically armored Dragonborn Controller Battlemind (???), nor is it some scantily chainmail bikini clad barbarian woman facing some bizarre unrecognizable made-up critter. Every blade of grass rendered in full detail. This is just a really good idea powerfully composed.

I miss the time when the idea mattered more than the rendering.


  1. I am afraid that it is a statement about today's society that most flavor flash over substance anymore. In the world of "short attention span theater" if you can give them something that holds their attention for ten minutes it is too often good enough.

  2. Sadly ,
    many modern members of the audience need you to do all imagining for them...

    I forgot who said he prefered radio to movies, because the pictures were better.

  3. Good rendering is awesome.

    Not that mr dragonborn or miss bikini tend to be what i'd call "well-rendered"


    THAT is well-rendered.

    And, like truly good rendering _has ideas encoded in it_

  4. While I agree with your point in general, I have no idea what the concept encoded in that picture is. Lumpy silhouette person in a cave? What am I missing? What's the idea?

  5. @ Thomas:

    I agree, and miss it, too.

  6. Holy $^%%

    I have seen that picture countless times and always thought it was a silly knight in a bucket helm, carrying a backpack and waving at the viewer.

    NOW I see what is going there! Awesome.

    Hint: Note the eyes on the stalactites.

  7. @bholmes thank you!

    Wow. That is one subtle, clever picture.

    I get it now.

    Where is it from?

  8. @Brendan: Page 78 of the AD&D Monster Manual.

  9. Dragonborn. Controller. Battlemind.