Dec 22, 2011

Prometheus Trailer

Like I said, 2012 is shaping up to be the most amazing year ever for movies. (I hope!)


  1. He really is playing the Alien card there. I'm more interested after seeing that trailer (and a few other bits that have made their way to YouTube) than I was before. It seemed like it had went from an Alien prequel to some vaguely connected thread story. The clips so far seem to dispel that.

    Now we will see...will Ridley hold my top 3 slots for Best Films (#1-Blade Runner #2-Alien)...that would rock :)

  2. He can play the Alien card all he wants! The more Alien the better!!!

    One thing about Ridley Scott is that he is a true artist who never copies himself, so what will be most interesting to see is what NEW he brings to this movie.

  3. Looks like we get a good glimpse into the Space Jockey in this one.

    One thing that is a bit disappointing from the trailer is that the equipment all looks a little too neat and pretty compared to the equipment in other movies he's done.