Feb 1, 2009

Dungeoneer RPG mock-up

I was doing some graphic design work on the Dungeoneer RPG product and wanted to visualize how all the stuff would look together. So I came up with this mock-up. The latest content list looks something like this:

1 32-page Hero's Guide booklet
1 32-page Dungeonlord's Guide booklet
1 32-page World Guide booklet
1 4-page Quick Start Guide fold-out
2 6-sided dice
16 tokens (various Glory, Peril, etc.)
4 Hero Sheets
1 11"x17" poster map of Tarniss
220 cards

Whether this will be the final list I don't know yet, but it is where the product is currently at. It was so much work I had to enlist the help of my friend Ed Baraf to help with the editing. He is one of the best, detail oriented producers I've ever worked with and this project couldn't have been done without his help. (note that in this mock-up image I'm using parts from the Polish Tomb of the Lich Lord set, of course the actual cards and parts will differ)


  1. i am so excited for this!! i've been checking here every day for months! when will be able to preorder?

  2. I wish I could provide a firm deadline. Working as hard as I am able to, I want this finished soon as much as anyone does!

  3. This looks like it will fairly rock. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it, and playing a few games.

  4. We can always need new "oldschool" games. Modern oldschool games: The theme is a bit more simple, but players and gamemasters won't get overrun by rules. The same simplicity can open ways for great flexibility. This combined with a good presentation (the Dungeoneer cards + figures or cardboard pieces could do that trick wonderfully) and a support in adventures can easily result in a hit.

    At least I hope so. D&D 4 shows well that the retro-style games are far from dead (with its concentration on dungeons and encounters). However D&D 4 is packed full with special rules (we call them powers) leaving very little room for improvisation. Dungeoneer could close that gap. Good luck! I will definitely buy it.

  5. Are the cards the same as in the dungeoneer decks? Or are they all new?

  6. Looking forward to purchasing this. Just tried Ice Witch for the first time today and it was great. An RPG sounds like even more fun!

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