Dec 14, 2008

First peek! Dungeoneer RPG card face

Here it is! I've been holding off showing what the card faces will look like in the Dungeoneer RPG. The main reason being they were not finished yet. Well, this is still a work in progress, there is much more finessing to be done - but it gives a clear indication of the improvements in the design, legibility, and most importantly playability of the new card faces. I will refrain from describing the new features because I want to hear what you think first.

Enjoy! Happy Dungeoneering.


  1. Good stuff! I am really looking forward to both RPG and Scenarios projects. And also why not new card game expansion? Doesn't matter. If that is something about Dungeoneer - I want it!

  2. are we going to see any rule mechanic sneak peeks?

  3. So when is it coming out ??

  4. Personally, the card is affected by 2 issues I've seen in many card types over the years. First off, the space and size of the flavor text is too large compared to other factors on the card. And, secondly, I'd like to see about 10-15% increase in space for the artwork. You're an amazing artist, Mr. D. It's a shame to hinder your art's size if not necessary.

    Greg K.

    P.S. Nice to see some new and exciting things. It's been a long time since the first dungeoneer card game playtest. 8)