Nov 15, 2007

Dungeoneer Miniatures release date?

Dungeoneer minis have been awaiting the release of the Dungeoneer RPG. The Dungeoneer RPG has been held up by design and playtest.

Basically the goal for the Dungeoneer RPG was to not create just another "fantasy heartbreaker" but to genuinely bring something new and successful to the field. One crucial component has been to utilize Dungeoneer cards in the RPG. This has advantages and drawbacks. I am quite happy with the design, and the local playtests have been highly successful. But we have had a lot of bugs to stomp out in the system, and it has been a challenge to reduce complexity. It is really meant to be a newbie friendly game system. It is RPG lite.

We are a week away from getting the final documents ready for edit, then they will go to layout. This means our hope is for a Q1 release for the RPG (March 2008). Since this product has been a labor of love we have been more concerned with quality than with release dates. Sorry, I know those interested only have so much capacity for anticipation before other things fill the gap. There are so many good games and competition for gamer's time.


  1. Ouch - that date hurts (right around the corner of the D&D4e release...)

    A shame, but better to see a delay instead of low product quality.

    Question: the title of the blog is "Miniatures". Will they be necessary for play?

  2. Miniatures are not required to play. Everything needed is in the box.

  3. What type of miniatures will be produced?
    Plastic, Metal? Pre-painted?

  4. Aberrant Games has been working on metal (lead-free) miniatures. My understanding is that they are awaiting the release of the RPG.