Old Dungeoneer RPG "Beta Edition" being discontinued

The "beta" edition of the Dungeoneer RPG has been available for a couple of years now. It is a guide that fleshes out the world of Dungeoneer, includes extensive card lists, and some cool optional rules for the card game. It is also an RPG. A very, um, unusual RPG. This is a book that has been far more popular than I expected, selling at least a dozen copies or so every month.

Goodman Games in conjunction with Studio Denmark has been developing a retail version of the RPG for about a year now, and it is coming along far better than I imagined.

This means it is coming time to discontinue this version of the RPG. It is still a fine product, but we can't have two competing products that are so similar.

Some of the content of this "beta" RPG will find its way into a new book we are working on called "Dungeoneer Scenarios" and some of it will go into the new RPG by Goodman Games. But this unique product will cease to be available. This is an announcement that if you have ever thought of getting it now is the time.

To celebrate this moment I've reduced the price by 10%. (regularly $20.01, now just $18.01) After this sale it will be removed from our store!

Click here now to get your copy! http://www.lulu.com/content/89797

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