A Wood Grain Box Set

For quite some time I've had these original D&D booklets that had no box. I won them in a lot a while back, and didn't really know what to do with them. It is very hard to find a 6"x9"x2" lidded box like the ones the original game came in. I know, I've been searching for years for the perfect box. There was even a Kickstarter a while back with very similar boxes. Those boxes looked really nice but didn't quite have the exact dimensions I was looking for.

So I made my own.

Since I've been researching the graphics and fonts of the original edition for my OSR games I had much of the layout already designed. The tricky part was creating the perfect wood grain texture, getting a clean scan of the cover illustration, and a good scan of the Gygax/Kaye logo.

With some detective work the pieces came together. For the logo I remembered that the Warriors of Mars cover is white and has that logo, it was the ideal specimen to scan.

The weirdest part is how uneven the kerning (space between letters), leading (space between lines), and the width of the characters were. But that is part of the charm. Amateurs putting together these little boxed sets and igniting a revolution in gaming. I had to hand manipulate almost every line, word, and character to get as close as possible. The end result is pretty dang close. An expert might spot it right away (for example the Book 1 has the newer art), but it looks really nice. Even though it is a faux box it is surprisingly satisfying to have it on the shelf!

With all the research and time it took to make this it may be obvious that I have further plans. For some time now I've wanted to make deluxe boxed sets of my OSR games. This is the first step.

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